Why Consumers Become Customers

By Siobhan Miller, Director of Product Management, Marketing Analytics

Embrace the “Why”

If you’ve spent any significant time around preschoolers, you’ll know that few things are as hilarious and cringe-worthy as a 4-year-old on a quest to answer who, what, where and when. Those are the easy ones to answer, the ones you can finagle into something short and sweet. But 4-year-olds aren’t easily satisfied inquisitors; most lines of interrogation end (or even worse start) with the dreaded “why.”

“Why” is never an easy question to answer regardless of whether it comes from a tot or a boss. And in a world where there’s a wealth of data at our fingertips, it counterintuitively seems more daunting to answer. We collect so much data that we expect to be able to answer any question. Unfortunately, we don’t always collect the right data.

Resonate Analytics transforms “why” from the occasional adversary to the trusted friend — one that can help politics and advocacy groups, agencies and brands better understand their ideal target audience. In turn, they can better focus their messaging to the right people at the right time and use analytics to measure and iterate their campaigns.

Right Message, Right People

Strategists and marketers craft specific messages to strike chords with targeted audiences. Whether a candidate who endorses a certain issue or a brand that seeks a particular customer, many rely on data to identify people most receptive to messaging. Most data is demographic or behavioral — from an email list, from a CRM database, from a voter file. Those are important tools, but the information provided is quantitative. It doesn’t reveal motivations or values — the “why” that drives decisions. Without that information, teams guess which combination of demographics and behaviors will yield the biggest return.

Resonate’s Audience Builder eliminates this conjecture. We ask people what motivates them — to vote, to buy, to act — and what they value in their lives. Those findings, coupled with demographic and behavioral data we’ve collected (or you’ve collected), pinpoint the exact people, and other receptive segments, who you want to see your ad, video, email, or website. In short, we know why people do things because we ask them.

right message

No Vacation for Automated Research Access

I mention above that we ask people what motivates them to act. What I failed to highlight was a pretty important modifier: we ask a lot of people what motivates them to act.

Each and every month, between 15,000 and 20,000 respondents complete our 25-minute survey that covers everything from shopping methods to political & voting behaviors to consumer values to product preferences to interests & hobbies to psychological drivers to media consumption to brand ownership and beyond. And we only collect survey information from people who we’ve also collected online behavioral data. Combining what people tell us with what they do allows us to understand them more completely and then develop very accurate models about the rest of the population.

Whether you’re building a segment for strategic research purposes, creating a campaign target, or supplementing data you already know about consumers or voters, Audience Builder can deliver your results in seconds. It easily allows you to further refine your target group until you have exactly what you need. It’s your very own online, automated researcher that never takes a vacation — simply log in and start building.


Transformative Results

Audience Builder is the linchpin to Resonate Analytics. It supplements strategic tools within our application and transforms strategy into actionable data for campaigns, consumer research projects, segmentation schemes, acquisition & retention programs, and loyalty initiatives. Use our media targeting to transform your audience into an online advertising campaign or take advantage of our website and campaign insights tools to validate and iterate on groups you’re targeting.


Siobhan Miller has worked with marketing and customer experience executives at some of the world’s most recognizable brands in support of their efforts to build customer-centric products, services and processes. Follow her on Twitter @siobhanmiller.

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