Winning the Peach State Primaries: Decisive Georgia Voter Segments Available for Immediate Targeting

Known for its gentle southern charm, the Peach State is producing some cutthroat political drama this primary season and Georgia voter segments are hot on everyone’s mind. While the Rust Belt to the north has historically been considered the home of electoral battlegrounds, Georgia staked its position as a national bellwether somewhere along the trail.

On March 26, Trump held a rally in Georgia to support his pick for the Republican Gubernatorial Primary, former U.S. Senator David Perdue, who lost his job two years ago to Democrat John Ossof. Trump is dogged about evicting the current governor and Perdue’s main primary opponent, Brian Kemp, from the Governor’s Mansion because he blames Kemp for allowing what he believes was corruption in the 2020 Georgia election.

On the other side, Stacey Abrams is the clear leader to take the Democratic Gubernatorial Primary. Some say Abrahams will land in the Oval one day because she’s that formidable. Oh yeah…and there’s also former Georgia Bulldog football phenom Herschel Walker running as a Republican to unseat Democrat U.S. Senator Ralph Warnock. All in all, it’s a must-watch soap opera down south.

What does this turbulent landscape mean for Georgia’s primary campaigns up and down the ballot?

A critical insight is that campaigns in tight elections shouldn’t take a one-size-fits-all approach with their persuasion and GOTV strategies. The landscape is too disparate to target voters based solely on party affiliation or propensity scores.

Campaigns should ensure they find and appeal to the diverse segments of voters within their own party based on the different values and motivations driving their candidate preferences, not just taking a blanket targeting and messaging approach. If campaigns leverage the right data sets, this can be done successfully, on budget, and at scale.

Below we’ll show how Resonate’s AI-driven 2022 Primary Election Voter Landscape has identified niche, local Georgia Republican and Democratic primary voter segments that can provide massive upside to campaigns in the final weeks.

Meet the New Deal Democrats, a must win Boomer Georgia voter segment for Democratic campaigns

While Georgia Democrats have become impressively more competitive over the years, with candidates like John Ossof mobilizing younger idealistic voters and Stacey Abrams growing the Black vote, the state’s New Deal Democrats should not be overlooked.

The New Deal Democrats number 469k thousand in Georgia, and they are your Baby Boomer Democratic voter segment. New Deal Democrats are older, wealthier voters with an optimistic outlook on life, valuing health, safety, and the environment. They’re also more likely to have continued their support for President Biden over the last two years.

georgia voter segments

78% of Georgia New Deal Democrats vote in non-presidential primaries, and they’re 46% more likely to vote than the average Georgia Democrat. 

georgia voter segments

The data is clear. These New Deal Democrats are a must-win Georgia voter segment for Georgia Democratic campaigns in competitive races.

Meet the Compassionate Conservatives, a Republican Georgia voter segment that should not be overlooked

The Compassionate Conservative segment in Georgia tallies 518k voters. Like the New Deal Democrats, the Compassionate Conservatives are older voters more likely to be retired and clued into the political issues of the day.

The Compassionate Conservatives are a bit of an enigma, so this is where having the right data is critical. These voters are from the older GOP guard; they are your “Chamber of Commerce” Republicans who support free trade and infrastructure, but they’re also tolerant and socially liberal especially compared to the MAGA voters.

Compared to the average Georgia Republican, the Compassionate Conservative is much more likely to pick a candidate based on their foreign policy, homeland security, and immigration platforms. 

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