Charlie Cook

Charlie Cook offered his thoughts on the 2014 political landscape this morning at an event cosponsored by National Journal and United Technologies.

In his remarks about the outlook for 2014 Cook said relatively few swing districts remain for each party to contest next November. Cook noted that 93% of House Republicans represent a district that Mitt Romney carried in 2012, and 96% of House Democrats represent a district President Obama carried. As a result, few true swing districts remain and neither party is likely to increase their caucus by much.

Cook further explained both parties will be hindered from making large gains  next November due to their own poor standings. Cook noted the Democrats’ favorability rating right now is “lousy,” but that Republicans have not yet been able to capitalize due to their own party’s tarnished image.

When asked about the 2016 Presidential primary races, Cook said the success rate for all prognosticators 3 years from an election is 0%, and he is no exception.

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-Jesse Contario | Manager of Client Strategy and Insight