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Don’t rely on antiquated surveys to power your research strategy.

While many companies provide static research and generic data or proxies, at Resonate, we reveal the human behind the data, what we call the Human Element. A dynamic, proprietary, 360-degree view of a person that combines core attributes like demographics and psychographics with the values that drive them to choose, support or protest and the motivations that inspire their loyalty, endorsement or abandonment of a brand or cause.

  • 14,000+ real-time, proprietary, values-driven insights on 230 million individual consumers.
  • Custom studies are automatically connected to our deep consumer data set and instantly scale to the US consumer base.
  • Insights continuously update in the Resonate Ignite Platform for your own personalized view of the American consumer.

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Real-Time Research Data Scaled to Fuel Consumer Insights

National Consumer Study

U.S. Consumer Research Study

The Resonate U.S. Consumer Research Study is the largest ongoing survey of the U.S. consumer. The research survey is comprised of 100,000+ respondents annually and is fielded every 6-8 weeks. That means you always have real-time research data at an individual level and scaled to more than 230 million Connected Profiles.

Curated Reports

Curated Research Reports

We offer curated reports optimized for impactful data storytelling. These easy-to-understand reports provide quick answers, rich insights and are easily shareable and exportable across your team.

Connected Flash Study

Contextual Research

Our platform allows you to obtain consumer insights and activate audiences based on researching consumers’ recent online behavior. We can build unlimited audiences with 500+ standard IAB behavioral attributes and the ability to look at almost any contextual engagement based on content consumed daily.

Contextual Research

Connected Profiles

Connected Profiles include 14,000+ consumer attributes on more than 230 million unique profiles tied to over 600+ million devices. The Resonate identity graph connects first-party web, mobile and offline data to Connected Profiles, which can be leveraged anywhere in a marketer’s ecosystem.

Resonate Elements

Resonate Elements

Our core consumer intelligence data set, derived from the U.S. Consumer Research Study, features 14,000+ deep insights and reveals the Human Element that drives your customers and prospects.

Launch Connected Research for Targeted Results

Connected Flash Study

A custom survey run outside of our U.S. Consumer Study, that gives you results in weeks, not months. Data resulting from a Flash Study is available for audience creation and activation only.
Connected Spark Study

Connected Spark Study

Add custom survey questions to our core research engine, the U.S. Consumer Study. Data resulting from a Spark Study is available for audience creation, activation, data append, and will be available for insights against audiences in the platform.

Connected Typing Tool

Access a granular understanding of consumers and prospects by transforming your typing tools into large-scale measurable and actionable segments. Enrich them against 14,000+ attributes that are scaled to over 230 million profiles.
Connected Contextual Study

Connected Contextual Study

Use hyper-targeted custom keywords to collect and analyze digital behavior for insights and activation. Custom topics leverage Resonate’s scale of 10 billion daily events and are delivered within days.

AI-Driven Consumer Research Built for Action-Driven Marketers

We designed the Resonate Ignite Platform for marketers who need to think like data scientists. Full stop. Our user-friendly, web-based interface makes it easy to build segments and research what makes them tick. Resonate puts the most powerful, research data set into an easy to use platform, so you can power data into action.

Ignite Platform

COVID-19 Research Available for Immediate Insights

Your first party data becomes even more powerful when combined with consumer audiences developed with COVID-19 data and insights for use in research, analysis and brand activation.

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Connected Profiles

A Modern Approach to Custom Marketing Research

Learn about Resonate’s four research solutions that will power your approach to content, creative, offers, product development and messaging.

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Don’t Take a Shot in the Dark with Your Data

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