This past week, we attended the KDD Conference held in Chicago. The focus this year was on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining. As this is the premier data science conference in the world, naturally top tech companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, Facebook, and LinkedIn took part. Topics ranged from Mining Data Semantics in Heterogeneous Information Networks, Social Networks Data Mining and Analytics, to Data Mining for Healthcare.

We participated in the panel for the largest International Workshop Data Mining for Online Advertising, along with data scientists from companies like Yahoo!, media6degrees, and nPario. We shared our experiences and ideas with other players in the ad targeting market.

Despite KDD being the greatest data science conference in the world, we were surprised to discover that Resonate was the only company at the event that is focusing on consumer insights-related research in this space. That being said, we’re excited to be in the thick of big data on consumer insights – what most online advertising companies have yet to scratch the surface on.

– Artur Abdullin & Aleksey Ashikhmin | Data Scientists, Research