A new Kellogg study released by Nielsen, being presented on Tuesday the 28th at the Advertising Research Foundation annual conference, sheds new light on the enormous importance of engaging creative and messaging in influencing purchasing behavior. Kellogg identified the strong correlation between ad likeability and end sales, suggesting that people who liked a video ad watched it for longer and ended up buying more as a result.

For years the digital industry has been chasing the promise of viewability as a key performance indicator to demonstrate ad effectiveness. The problem is that viewability technology hasn’t caught up with our performance assumptions and expectations.

Current industry sentiment is shifting towards the content of an ad being just as important when it comes to performance—potentially even more so—as to whether or not the ad is viewable. The debate comes down to the importance of the ad placement and the technology behind it versus the quality of the creative.

This latest study reinforces that likeability continues to be a necessary component for agencies and brands to prioritize when developing their media strategy. At the end of the day, if someone doesn’t like the ad, it doesn’t matter where it is placed and viewed. Placement alone isn’t a guarantee of someone clicking and converting.

At Resonate, we’ve known all along that “creative content is king” when it comes to successful digital advertising campaigns. It gets to the heart of why we have invested so heavily in hundreds of thousands of in-depth, personal attributes housed within our analytics platform. Getting creative messaging right requires real-time, relevant psychographic insights on consumers and prospects as they travel through the funnel. In order to build the most likeable and engaging display and video ads, brands and agencies need to know what really drives and motivates consumers, at the individual level, to take action.

People talk about the ongoing “crisis of confidence” in digital, but it’s really a “crisis of insight” driving that lack of confidence. The right digital insights enable brands and agencies to deliver messaging that impacts both likeability and performance at the right time.

Resonate can help with both the insights needed to better connect with audiences as well as the viewable placements needed to get the ads in front of them. We’ve got the largest understanding of the US consumer and integrated data, insights and activation tools proven to lift ad performance. If you’re prioritizing both likeability and viewability during your next campaign strategy meeting then you’ll increase the odds of ultimate campaign success.

Chris Weiss is Director of Product Management, Digital Media Products – Resonate