Some claim love is the universal language, while others assert it’s math that harbors global understanding. But since the beginning of time humans have pounded rocks and beaten sticks to make music, a true expression of their innermost thoughts and feelings that they yearn to share with others.


Whatever the tone – joy, sorrow, excitement or beyond – music has long been a vehicle for emotional storytelling and community building. Cut to present day where math is but a distant high school memory and love is placed on the backburner to career, it is music that’s still there to rev us up in the morning and lend a soundtrack that comforts and eases our hectic work week; a soundtrack that we are often quick to share with those most close to us.

Though Apple has encountered slight push back over the past couple of weeks regarding their new IOS 7 update, this recent release welcomes a new music feature that aligns with this age old desire to share experience through music. The innovative iTunes radio now allows users to easily share stations with friends via email, text, or social media. And on top of that, music selections continuously evolve to meet ever-changing genre interests.

Music is a critical ingredient to everyone’s daily grind. When we share the beats and lyrics that speak to us directly, music becomes the channel for human communication and connection.