Fight for Senate Control Depends on Candidates’ Ability to Connect with Voters on Key Issues

November 03, 2014 08:04 AM Eastern Standard Time

RESTON, Va. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — Resonate today released new data on the issues most important to voters in battleground states. Government spending, healthcare, and job creation rank among the top three issues in states with tight Senate and Gubernatorial races. Only Arizona and Arkansas stray from this norm. In Arizona, immigration replaces healthcare, and balanced budget outranks job creation in Arkansas.

“This election cycle, voters are mostly concerned with job creation, government spending, and healthcare policies. These issues are all interrelated”

Understanding how voters rank importance of the issues within a candidate’s platform is critical to Republicans trying to take over the Senate and Democrats fighting to retain their control. Resonate studied 5 of the 7 pivotal Senate races. Government spending is the top issue for voters in Arkansas, Colorado, and Iowa. Job creation leads the way in North Carolina, and healthcare is prioritized by voters in Louisiana.

Healthcare is a top issue for 46 percent of all Louisiana’s voters. Challenger Bill Cassidy is reminding conservative voters of Senator Landrieu’s voting record consistent with President Obama’s key policies – one of which was the Affordable Care Act. This strategy also works in favor of reaching the 45 percent of Louisiana voters who are concerned with government spending.

“This election cycle, voters are mostly concerned with job creation, government spending, and healthcare policies. These issues are all interrelated,” said Bryan Gernert, Resonate CEO. “It’s not about winning on a single issue, but creating a common thread that compels the highest number of voters to show up on Election Day. That’s the ultimate measure of a campaign’s success.”

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Study results are based on in-depth online surveys of 84,292 adults in 13 states. Respondents were asked to select the five platform issues most important to them. Percentages represent distribution of voters who selected the issue.

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