Robust, Privacy-Safe Intelligence for Health & Wellness Marketing

Resonate Health makes a complete understanding of the U.S. health consumer possible

  • Access 800+ HIPAA-compliant attributes on patients and caregivers
  • Understand consumers as humans through hundreds of health and pharma Resonate Elements attributes
  • Reveal the people behind the health conditions, what they value, and their motivation, behavior, and intent
  • Leverage our proprietary data, driven by AI algorithms and survey responses scaled to 230 million U.S. consumer, to level up your healthcare marketing
  • Find more people who look like your target audience through look-alike modeling

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Unlock Best-In-Class, Privacy & HIPAA-Compliant Healthcare Data



Discover privacy-safe healthcare-specific insights on caregivers and patients.
Health and Wellness

800+ Health and Wellness Attributes

Plus thousands of additional attributes to describe the patient and the caregiver- who they are, what values they ascribe to and what matters most to them.
Custom Contextual Data

Custom Contextual Data

Reveal real-time data on the conditions and topics consumers are researching now.

Personalized, Privacy-Safe Intelligence for Your Most Personal Interactions

Healthcare is more personal than ever, yet medical and healthcare data is often held within walled gardens and provides little understanding of individuals as patients or caregivers. That’s why we developed Resonate Health, a solution for best-in-class, privacy and HIPAA-compliant healthcare data that powers segmentation and targeting.

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