You just opened the most beautifully wrapped box in the room. Everyone stares and you gasp. It’s the ski sweater you gave your cousin two years ago; Love Dad! At that moment you vow re-gifting must stop, or at least re-gifting your gifts ends today. Now it’s the holidays again, and you have no time but one very long list. You can’t afford to buy everyone an iPad. Besides there is always the possibility that even the dearest friend or relative will re-sell it on eBay.

So how can a cutting edge, values-based media buying company help you? You have a point??, but keep reading. Resonate is a “values-based” media buying company, so we understand people’s values. Most of the time, we use those insights to help major brands and advocacy groups reach and motivate consumers with online ads.

Today, it is all about you and this re-gifting vow. Values are the core drivers of everyone’s attitudes, beliefs and even emotions. We’ve been asking a large group of people questions about their values for years, and then we’ve been finding people with those values online and showing them ads. In your case you know where to find them, but some insights into your friends’ and family’s values can help keep your gifts out of the re-gift cycle.

Let’s start with the “it’s still so cool to be a geek”, on their 4th iPhone who thinks Twitter is old school. Everyone knows one and everyone buys them the same thing. Not you. You know their values. So instead of a gift card from a major consumer electronics retailer, it’s 5 classes at their nearest yoga studio. You know they value Peace of Mind, 87% more than the general online population and even more than self esteem or self preservation. OHM.

What about your parents, in-laws or favorite aunt and uncle? You and your cousins have long ago left living with mom and dad so what do they really need anyway? Need, maybe not much, but value quite a bit. It’s highly likely that they value and appreciate their Country, regardless of party affiliation. These empty nesters are 62% more likely than the rest of the online population to value patriotism. Of course you could volunteer for the National Guard, but maybe just a donation in their name to The National Mall will do the trick.

Your sister amazes you every day with her concern with the environment, her dedication to composting and those amazing organic meals. The right gift is obviously that new organic cook book. Hold it; let’s give your sister a closer look.  Sharing with Others and Taking Care of Her Family may be just as important to her as eating vegan. Let someone else buy her the cookbook and give a gift pass to a theme park, museum or special event she can share with the family.

Last but hardly least is your BFF. Six months ago she kicked out that awful guy and got a puppy. The house-breaking still needs work, but she is totally besotted with the little beast. Heading to the pet store?  So will everyone else on her Facebook page. But not everyone knows that it’s highly likely she values happiness about 168% more than the rest of the online population. You know snuggling with her pooch makes her smile but so does a visit to the spa or all the songs you shared together growing up. You could load up her iPhone or feel free to be even more imaginative. Let the rest of the family take care of her canine.

Understanding the values of those on your gift list may be the best way to avoid opening a present and seeing a gift you gave someone else five years ago. Similarly understanding consumers’ values transforms a brand brief. Extending those insights into a media plan, and delivering the right message to the right audiences based on their values. That’s a gift. One Resonate happily shares with our clients every day.

Happy Holidays!