Traveling for work is a large part of many people’s jobs. And the experience alone can range from completely enjoyable to downright frustrating. It’s up to travel companies to set the tone of the business travel experience. By anticipating the needs and motivations of working professionals, they can impact the overall business travel practice.

  1. Business travelers prioritize financial stability and learning & knowledge most when asked what is important to their decision-making. Airlines can speak to these values through co-branded credit cards, waived baggage fees, free foreign banking transactions, destination guides, and mobile apps since business travelers are more likely to be early adopters and download apps from companies.
  2. Health and fitness is also very important to business travelers. Among them, 43% consider gym memberships a necessity and 34% are currently on a diet. Exercise is the weight loss method of choice for business travelers and many use technology such as apps and trackers to help monitor their weight loss program. Appealing to this healthy living mentality by providing more nutritious menu items and better exercise facilities creates an opportunity for airlines and hotels to both acquire and retain business travelers. Many hotel chains have already embraced this trend, moving beyond just the typical fitness center and offering group classes, guest rooms with fitness equipment, bicycle rentals, and workout attire.
  3. Business travelers tend to be more affluent — 27% earn an annual income between $100-150K — which is reflected in their choices of hotels like The Ritz-Carlton, Four Seasons, and W Hotels. Similarity, their hobbies and interests also reflect their affluence with many enjoying international travel, golf, spas & resorts, and skiing/snowboarding. Challenger brands such as Hyatt, Sheraton, Hilton, and Marriott would be well served to appeal to the preferred hobbies of business travelers to win over customers. Airline choices, however, highlight a more diverse group of brands including Delta, US Airways and JetBlue.