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Only Resonate connects traditional market research methodology directly to advanced analytics and digital media activation in a single integrated platform.

Audience Comparison

Analyze the differences between target audiences to uncover distinctive characteristics of your best customers, voters or advocates and find more people like them.


Uncover new opportunities by analyzing the motivations and preferences of your competitors, customers, voters or advocates and other new groups entering your category.

Marketing Strategy

Plan marketing strategies and supporting campaigns that start with an understanding of the size and characteristics of specific target audiences.


Discover the messaging themes that will appeal to your target audience by comparing motivations and values differences across multiple groups.


Place Resonate’s tag to get a rich understanding of the audiences that interacted with any web page or other digital creative assets.

New Channels

Find new channels and partnership opportunities by digging into the online content consumption of the audiences that you want to reach.

Resonate audience data screenshot

Create, analyze and compare multiple audiences at one time.

Uncover deep understanding on specific audience insights.

Audience activation product screenshot

Powerful data visualizations, trend reports, scatter plots and more.

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