Competitive Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Understand what’s important to your audience, versus your competitors’, and identify opportunities and threats in your category.

With Competitive Analysis, you will receive a visual and concise overview of the space you occupy in the marketplace, conquesting and defensive priorities, and the changing needs of prospective customers, voters or advocates.

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Competitive Analysis allows you to:

  • Prioritize value-based messaging versus discounting and promotions
  • Fend off new products from existing or emerging brands, political campaigns or causes
  • Brief agencies and channel partners for upcoming campaigns
  • Develop digital media strategies tailored for conquesting or defense

Why use Competitive Analysis?


Conversion drivers for hundreds of leading brands, political campaigns and advocacy groups, and in every major category (auto, financial services, CPG, hospitality, pharma, politics and more).


Visual and accessible findings delivered as a high-impact presentation or datasets.


Results in weeks, using only recent and highly relevant research. If leveraging custom questions, the time frame may include the 8 to 12 weeks needed for survey fielding & modeling.


Leverage hundreds of thousands of in-depth interviews, enriched with purchase data and census-scale media behaviors.

What can I do with Competitive Analysis?

Is your organization struggling to make critical decisions due to a lack of highly relevant and accessible data? Or are you drowning in datasets that haven’t been structured and integrated for analysis? We employ proprietary research and big data analytics, combined with 1st party data, and the latest in machine learning and census-scale predictive modeling, to accelerate the analytical process. The result is a high-confidence, rigorous strategic analysis ready to inform strategic planning, message development, vendor briefs, and channel planning.

How does Competitive Analysis work?

Step 1

We conduct a discovery process to identify critical business questions and available 1st party datasets, leading to a proposed solution

Step 2

A proposed approach, project timeline, and set of deliverables is presented for approval, with example visualizations and analyses

Step 3

We arrange for onboarding or behavioral analysis of 1st party data assets, if applicable

Step 4

We present the scoped deliverables in an interactive, on-site working session

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