Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Forget the funnel. Map your audience’s decision-making process across your owned media, competitor’s sites, and third-party sources of product information.

With Customer Journeys, we help you understand how different kinds of customers seek out information, narrow their consideration, and how they act on their decisions. Watch and understand them, turn by turn, as they arrive at their destination.

First steps on a customer journey

Customer Journeys allows you to:

  • Define audience segments by your engagement activities and choices
  • Understand social membership and sharing influences
  • Observe your target audience’s “media diet” across news and entertainment
  • Profile visitors to competitor’s sites
  • Learn what experiences your target audience values most

Why use Customer Journeys?


1TB of behavioral data collected across millions of domains, which can be analyzed by audience, category, or topic.


Visual and accessible findings delivered as a high-impact presentation or datasets.


Results in weeks, using only recent and highly relevant research with flexible timing options.


Leverage hundreds of thousands of in-depth interviews, enriched with purchase data and census-scale media behaviors.

How does the Customer Journey work?

Step 1

We conduct a discovery process to identify critical business questions and available 1st party datasets, leading to a proposed solution

Step 2

A proposed approach, project timeline, and set of deliverables is presented for approval, with example visualizations and analyses

Step 3

We arrange for onboarding or behavioral analysis of 1st party data assets, if applicable

Step 4

We present the scoped deliverables in an interactive, on-site working session

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