Geographic Analysis

Geographic Audiences & Insights

View city or county level insights for your audiences & identify potential expansion opportunities. Leverage Geographic Insights to understand what portion of your target audience lives within specific regions.

Understand how to speak to consumers living in a certain city, county or custom geographic footprint. Gain city or county level insights to identify the best cities to reach your target audience.

Sample geographic locations Resonate can target

Geographic Audiences & Insights allow you to:

  • Identify new markets for potential customer expansion and competitive conquesting.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how to speak to customers living in or frequently visiting specific areas.
  • See how your personas are performing against your specific geographic regions.
  • Identify and prioritize key geographies to find more customers, voters or advocates.
  • Inform your marketing strategy based on which audiences live in which regions.

Why use Geographic Audiences & Insights?

Unparalleled Depth

Develop an unparalleled understanding of your audience leveraging our 9,000 attributes on values, motivations, psychological drivers and more.

Absolute Ease

Generate insights for distinct groups of consumers to understand what makes them unique.

Immediate Understanding

See how your personas are performing against your specific geographic regions.


We collect 10 billion behavioral events on a daily basis, providing deep reach into specific geographic areas.

How do Geographic Audiences work?

Step 1: Define Geographies

You provide Resonate with specific geographies (eg, cities, counties or a custom footprint) for the analysis.

Step 2: Identify Resonate IDs

We identify the Resonate IDs that reside within your specific geography.

Step 3: Publish Audience

We publish the audiences into your Resonate account.

Step 4: View Insights + Activate

Use over 9,000 attributes to analyze your audience, then activate against them.

How do Geographic Insights work?

Step 1: Identify Audiences

You provide us with audiences whose geographic location you want to understand further.

Step 2: Generate Insights

We generate insights in a .CSV file that is delivered to you outside the Resonate platform.

Step 3: Gain Understanding

Use the insights to understand in which areas your audience lives.

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