Geographic Analysis

Geographic Analysis

Customized reports to identify what makes consumers unique within a desired location.

With our Geographic Analysis, you can receive audience insights specific to a geographic area with customized reporting and visuals defined by DMA, state congressional districts or other custom geographies.

Sample geographic locations Resonate can target

Geographic Analysis allows you to:

  • Understand what motivates people in a specific location in order to tailor more relevant messaging
  • Identify and prioritize key geographies to find more customers, voters or advocates
  • Understand media consumption habits of your target audience by geography
  • Improve the relevance of locally targeted digital efforts
  • Measure the effectiveness of campaign messaging by market

Why use Geographic Analysis?


Geographic insights can provide insights from our 7,000+ attributes for unparalleled understanding of your audience.


Collect geo-specific data about your audience to get the market insights you need.


Leverage our existing database to quickly identify in-depth insights about your audience.


We are collecting over 1TB of online behavior on a daily basis, providing deep reach into specific geographic areas.

How does Geographic Analysis work?

Step 1

We work with you to define geographies based on your objectives, the types of insights you need, and whether the data needs to be based upon the entire U.S. online population or a specific tagged event about your audience

Step 2

If specific to your audience, we will work with you to place the appropriate tags to collect data and make sure they reach any necessary data thresholds

Step 3

Your customized reports will be available within 2 to 3 weeks for the U.S. adult online population or once the necessary data thresholds are met for tagged events

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