Premium Training

Premium Training

Personalized on-site training to get your team up & running quickly.

With Premium Training, we will provide your team with interactive sessions that cover the in-depth functionality of Resonate’s Analytics platform to accelerate learning and actual application to meet your objectives.

Premium Training allows you to:

  • Understand how to leverage your customer data in combination with our insights
  • Identify the key objectives for a measurement strategy across digital channels
  • Define the key measures of success to track progress of the measurement plan
  • Leverage our insights across marketing applications including email and site analytics
  • Create customer-driven personas to help focus your marketing efforts

Why use Premium Training?


Understand how to best use our 7,000+ consumer attributes for unparalleled understanding of your audience.


Resonate’s Professional Services team will personally lead you through the training and integration process.


Results in weeks, using only recent and highly relevant research, versus months waiting for custom projects and analyses.


Leverage hundreds of thousands of in-depth interviews, enriched with purchase data and census-scale media behavior

How does Premium Training work?

Step 1

We work with you to understand your goals and identify the right team members across your organization to attend the training sessions

Step 2

We will create personalized sessions and exercises to align with your internal projects and KPIs

Step 3

We will provide any necessary assets necessary for set-up prior to the sessions

Step 4

Then we will come on-site with you to lead the training sessions and work alongside your team to help with questions

Step 5

Following your sessions, all of your insights will be will be available in the Resonate Analytics platform

Have Questions?

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