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  • 14,000+ real-time, proprietary, values-driven insights on 230 million individual consumers.
  • Quickly create and analyze hyper-relevant, targeted microsegments to enhance your segmentation strategy.
  • Connect directly to your marketing ecosystem and immediately activate across programmatic, social, CTV, web personalization, email and more.
  • Onboard your first-party data to enrich your understanding of your customers.

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Real-Time Data Scaled to Fuel Consumer Insights

National Consumer Study

U.S. Consumer Study

The Resonate U.S. Consumer Study is the largest ongoing survey of the U.S. consumer. The survey is comprised of 100,000+ respondents annually and is fielded every 6-8 weeks. That means you always have real-time data at an individual level and scaled to more than 230 million Connected Profiles.
Connected Profiles

Connected Profiles

Connected Profiles include 14,000+ consumer attributes on more than 230 million unique profiles tied to over 600+ million devices. The Resonate identity graph connects first-party web, mobile and offline data to Connected Profiles, which can be leveraged anywhere in a marketer’s ecosystem.
Resonate Elements

Resonate Elements

Our core consumer intelligence data set, derived from the U.S. Consumer Study, features 14,000+ deep insights and reveals the Human Element that drives your customers and prospects.
Contextual Research

Contextual Research

Our platform allows you to obtain consumer insights and activate audiences based on consumers' recent online behavior. We can build unlimited audiences with 500+ standard IAB behavioral attributes and the ability to look at almost any contextual engagement based on content consumed daily.
Curated Reports

Curated Reports

We offer curated reports optimized for impactful data storytelling. These easy-to-understand reports provide quick answers, rich insights and are easily shareable and exportable across your team.

AI-Driven Consumer Data Insights Built for Action-Driven Marketers

For marketers, measurement is the key to gaining insights into their business, carrying out successful ad campaigns, making business decisions, and driving growth opportunities. However, new market developments and a highly fragmented media landscape have challenged traditional measurement approaches and created significant knowledge gaps for marketers.

Today’s ecosystem is no longer sufficient and industry leaders must develop new, transparent, and privacy-centric measurement approaches. Across the board, measurement disciplines like research, consumer insights, analytics, and data science are evolving to give marketers a 360-degree view of their business and consumers.

Resonate Platform Overview Video

Segmentation Center

Begin your consumer research journey by performing the most precise marketing segmentation data analysis. Combine your first party data with our proprietary Resonate Elements data to get the most robust, real-time understanding of your customers and prospects.

Intelligence Center

Gain direct access to curated, powerful reports and analyses that will help you uncover key actionable insights about your most critical consumer segments.

Engagement Center

Put your marketing and campaign strategies to work by sending your segments to your programmatic and marketing system of choice to unify your execution with your strategy.