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No one can match Resonate’s continuously refreshed, privacy-safe consumer data. rAI, our proprietary AI neural network, powers data for a holistic view of where consumers are today and what they intend to do tomorrow. Tap into Resonate’s unparalleled data quickly and cost-effectively to win pitches, grow existing business and even create new revenue streams.

  • Access the freshest, most predictive data for a detailed understanding of consumers at the individual level, scaled to the US population.
  • Activate multi-attribute custom segments directly across all digital channels for precise targeting and quick delivery to any DSP, DMP or social platform. No proxy audiences here.
  • Enrich (and monetize) 1st-party data with the Resonate Elements data set. Augment client data with intent signals, psychographics, preferences, industry-specific attributes (like healthcare and financial services).
  • Empower your teams with our easy-to-use platform for a unified view of data. And enable anyone in your agency to access, analyze and activate seamlessly.

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We designed Resonate Ignite platform for agencies who quickly need to glean unparalleled insights across industries to win pitches and support clients through the customer lifecycle. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to build custom segments, explore what makes them tick, enrich your clients’ data and immediately launch insights into action.

Increase your win rate

Wow clients with an in-depth understanding of consumers across industries

Deliver success for your clients

Get the freshest, most predictive data — with 30B consumer observations daily — to power winning campaigns

Create new revenue streams

Enrich client data with the Resonate data set — including intent signals, psychographics and preferences

More Effective Personalization

Quickly activate across channels

Target segments at scale and activate across digital channels. No need for proxy audiences


Boost efficiencies and reduce cost

Empower your users across your agency to seamlessly access, analyze and activate data

Resonate delivers impactful results for savvy agencies​

50% Decrease in pitch development time
57% Decrease in CPA
57% Exceeded acquisition goal by

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