College-educated white voters, a demographic that Democrats have not won in over a half-century, are well in play this cycle…

With both sides now competing for the 53.3 million registered white college-educated voters, Resonate is here to help campaigns find, target, and persuade these voters with a message that cuts through the political rhetoric and speaks directly to their values and motivations.

Resonate intelligence shows:

  • 63% of white college-educated Republicans that view Hillary Clinton as favorable are persuadable on raising the minimum wage.
  • White college-educated Democrats that view Donald Trump as favorable are 74% more likely than the average voter to support building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico.
  • Regardless of party or candidate favorability, white college-educated voters are 21% more likely to support the DREAM Act than the average registered voter.
  • There are 13.5 white college-educated swing voters and they are 40% more likely to believe the corporate tax rate is too high
  • There are 12.8 millennial white college-educated voters and they are 72% more likely than the average voter to strongly agree that free trade agreements help the U.S.

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