This week’s news that former CEO and co-founder Jack Dorsey would return to Twitter as its new CEO has prognosticators wondering if Dorsey is the right choice to turn around the social platform’s flagging fortunes. Dorsey has two potentially herculean tasks before him: build functionality that expands the platform’s appeal beyond its core user base, and grow the company’s burgeoning digital advertising business.

The good news for Twitter is that, according to Resonate data, the platform can be a great place to find buyers. Take the automobile market, for example. When we looked at the audience of heavy Twitter users—those 27.8 million adults who use the platform daily—we found a young audience (51% are under age 34) ready to stroll onto the car dealer lot.

Resonate data reveals how likely heavy Twitter users are to be in the market for a new vehicle:


These numbers confirm that Twitter is a great place to find new car buyers—particularly young buyers in the market for their first new vehicle. Heavy Twitter users also find themselves attracted to a few auto brands in particular:

Honda and Nissan appear to have the inside track with heavy Twitter users. How can other automakers appeal to these consumers? Look no further than their auto purchase drivers:


Automakers who aren’t Honda and Nissan, therefore, would do well to target Twitter users with messages that highlight their vehicle’s innovative features, and which appeal to these consumers’ self-image and sense of self-esteem. Twitter may be a great place to find new car buyers—but to get them on the lot, you’ll need to leverage the platform to deliver relevant messages constructed from deep consumer insight.