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Resonate’s dedicated team of experts will help you plan, execute, and measure your campaigns. Here’s how it works:

  1. Provide Resonate with your campaign details: audience description or brand brief, budget, flight dates, targeting parameters, and inventory type.
  2. Resonate’s team of media experts will put together a detailed media plan that will deliver the best performance for your campaign and KPI.
  3. After campaign launch, your Client Partner will provide you with regular updates on optimizations, performance, and audience insights. They will also give you access to an on-demand reporting dashboard to monitor your campaign metrics and insights on the fly.

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Why Run Your Media Through Resonate?

14,000+ targetable attributes

Build voter audiences you can't find elsewhere.

Unique proprietary data

Access voter research, custom modeling and more.


Target at scale across programmatic, social, CTV, email and more.

Brand-safe & highly viewable environments

Get peace of mind, verified by leading third party standards.

On-demand reporting dashboard

Obtain media metrics and custom audience insights.

Proven team of experts

Utilize Strategists, Client Partners, Campaign Managers and Data Scientists, with expertise in media planning, data strategy and insights.

Hyper-Relevant Insights Specific to Your Cause

Political Organizations

Political Organizations

Resonate's unique survey-based, AI-driven insights transform how political campaigns identify, analyze, target, and communicate with voters individually at scale.
Advocacy Groups

Advocacy Groups

Predictive, real-time analytics immediately identify and target people who care about your issue beyond your traditional list of supporters.


Deep and actionable insights help you identify, target and sway key influencers who are engaged with a specific cause or issue.

The best voter targeting requires the best voter intelligence. The best campaigns are backed by best-in-class client support.

Customer Success Team

A collaborative team of Customer Success Managers and Customer Success Analysts ensuring your desired business outcomes are achieved. ​

Your trusted advisors will employ Resonate insights, best practices, and capabilities to deliver maximum value through effective onboarding, adoption activities, and an ongoing strategic relationship.​

Client Strategy Team

An expert team of analysts providing consultative and strategic recommendations blending Resonate’s first party data and technology with your campaign targets and KPIs.​

With years of experience in Resonate’s analytics tools and activation solutions, you can be assured your campaign is set up for success from day one.​

Client Partnership Team

Your main point of contact throughout the lifecycle of your campaign, guiding you every step of the way and providing the most cost-effective and successful media plan for your campaign KPIs. ​

Their specialty lies in their ability to dig deep into our data and insights to offer proactive recommendations on new creative messaging and optimizations based on not just the “who” but also the “why”. ​

Campaign Management Team

Our Ad Operations gurus work to employ state-of-the-art technology to deliver your campaign. They are experts in our first party data, tools, and in-house machine learning to optimize your campaign performance and provide technical expertise to your teams as needed. The team constantly undergoes training to stay up-to-date on the tools DSPs offer as well as changes in the programmatic ad buying industry.

Using Thousands of Individual Voter-Level, First-Party Resonate Attributes, Including:

Politician speaking

Positions on Hot Topics & Issues

COVID (mandates, vaccines, etc.)
Healthcare & Drug Costs
Critical Race Theory
2nd Amendment vs Gun Control
Cancel Culture/Wokeness
Voting Rights & Election Fraud
Climate Change & Energy
LGBTQ+ Rights vs Traditional Marriage
Disinformation & The Mainstream Media

Values & Motivations

Security in Nation and Sense of Community
Acceptance of Those who are Different
Maintain Traditions
Obey Law and Obligations
Trust from Others
Environmental Conservation
Everyone Treated Equality
Desire to Exhibit Creativity and Express Individuality

2022 Intent & Prior Behavior

Defector Republicans
Trump & Allies Base
AOC Liberals vs Biden Moderates
Voted in 2020 to Give Control of Congress to Democratic and/or Resist Trump
Single Issue Voters
Apathetic Americans

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