Powerful, Privacy-Safe Insights for a Post-Cookie World

Your ability to understand and reach your target audience isn’t going anywhere

Third-party cookies are going away in late 2023. With Resonate, your ability to understand and reach your target audiences isn’t going anywhere.

Resonate’s pre-existing methodology ensures the customer experience remains unchanged when the cookie crumbles. Our Privacy-Preserving Insights Solution leverages our proprietary, fresh data set and cutting-edge, AI-driven infrastructure to deliver an unparalleled understanding of individual consumers. This deep data will continue to support your insights, analytics, and activation to deliver highly personalized, cross-channel engagement. In fact, our proposed cohort and universal identifier capabilities will deliver even stronger insights – giving you a leg up on your competitors.

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Navigating a Changing Privacy-first Landscape

5-Minute Guide: Privacy-Safe Consumer Data, Insights, & Engagement

Your Guide to Post-Cookie Consumer Data

Quell your nerves about digital marketing in a privacy-first world by partnering with an identity agnostic solution who will continue to deliver rich, relevant, real-time insights even after the cookie crumbles.
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An Agency Blueprint for the Post-Cookie  World: Building Better Consumer Connections

Agency Blueprint for the Post-Cookie World

Hear from Resonates agency SVP Jonathan Ricard as he shares a blueprint that agency leaders can use to build the foundation for the post-cookie world.
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[Webinar] Guiding Anxious Marketers Into a Post-Cookie World

Hear from CTO Tom Craig for an in-depth discussion on the best strategies for navigating the demise of third-party cookies.
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Get an Unparalleled Understanding of Your First-Party Data

The WHY behind consumers' decisions to choose or abandon a brand has never been more important.
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Watch Now: Resonate's Post-Cookie Plan Explained by Privacy Experts

5 cookie terms

5 Cookieless Terms You Need to Know


Resonate in a Post-Cookie World. What is FLoC?

Universal Identifiers (UIDs): Explanation and FAQs

Universal Identifiers (UIDs): Explanation and FAQs

What happens if Amazon opts out of FLoCs?

Ready to Ignite Growth in a Cookieless World?

Resonate’s easy-to-use consumer insights platform will only get stronger in a cookieless world
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