Prepaid wireless options have grown in popularity for many consumers who seek a more affordable and a more flexible alternative to longer term cell phone contracts. And for wireless providers to better target acquisition efforts, it’s important for them to understand how these prepaid customers differ from their postpaid contract counterparts. But in reality, prepaid phone buyers are not actually looking for a significantly different experience than contract customers.

Yes, prepaid phone buyers are driven by less commitment and less cost, but not in exchange for less functionality. Features such as battery life and coverage top the most wanted list for both audiences. The only major difference in feature drivers is a lack of interest in a contractual commitment.


Diving deeper into their opinions on personal technology, prepaid customers, similar to contract customers, are 20% more likely to find new technology confusing, despite considering themselves generally tech-savvy. They are also 30% less likely to want innovative mobile phones and 28% less likely to want high quality mobile phones.

The differences between prepaid and contract customers are slim. This means messaging to potential prepaid customers must focus on price and flexible pay-as-you-go options in accordance with other desired features.