recent Forrester Research report1 highlights the dizzying array of technology choices available to Customer Insights (CI) professionals who seek to develop deeper understanding of their customers and to deliver personalized, relevant messages.

The report presents “a complex vendor landscape of overlapping enterprise marketing technologies, advanced analytics, online personalization, and recommendation engines.” It helps CI pros narrow down vendor options based on their specific requirements. The report identifies RTIM analytics solutions as critical need for CI professionals, stating “Forrester’s research indicates that most users …identify advanced analytics — predictive models, optimization, campaign insights, and complex performance management — as the biggest area for vendor improvement.”

Forrester cites Resonate among vendors where “Advanced Analytics is an RTIM prerequisite,” and whose “solutions address a range of capabilities.”

The importance of RTIM to CI professionals underlines the most critical truth about marketing today: individuals matter. To better understand individual consumers, RTIM analytics solutions must tap into their most personal values to connect more deeply with who they really are, why they choose brands, and what drives them to purchase.

Says Forrester, “RTIM requires deep customer analytics capabilities to recognize customers as individuals, understand their behavior, predict their intentions, and recommend relevant offers at the appropriate time.” We couldn’t agree more.

[1] “Market Overview: Real-Time Interaction Management”, Forrester Research, Inc., April 2015