By Sarah Shearman, PRWeek

Marketing data software company Resonate has launched a tool for marketing and PR agencies to gain insight about the motivations of their customers.

Resonate provides information about consumers’ views, beliefs, and attitudes to support behavioral advertising targeting, rather than relying on more generic demographic information such as location and gender.

The analytics update is an expansion of a product that allows PR professionals to understand “why” people act in a certain way on websites, rather than just the “what” or the “whom.”

The platform aims to provide clients with an understanding of the differences among site visitors and why customers do and do not convert. It was also designed to help users attract more customers and increase the relevancy of creative campaigns.

Resonate was first employed for election campaigns, and as such, it is used by several Washington, DC, firms that would typically buy media for clients.

“Demographics don’t dictate why people feel things about values and causes,” explains Marc Johnson, CMO of Resonate.

The tool was primarily designed for agencies, but Resonate plans to expand it for use by in-house PR and marketing professionals.

“We are excited about how this can change the industry, and using data and technology to get at the human and personal for marketing and PR professionals will make the way they target better and add value for the consumer,” he said.