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Resonate’s team of experts has additional ways to turn insights into wisdom—beyond what’s available in the Resonate Platform.

  • Mobile Audience Insights—Develop a deeper understanding of your mobile audiences for improved segmentation, analysis and activation. READ MORE>>
  • Location-Based Audiences—Understand who’s visiting your physical locations, as well as your competitor’s sites. READ MORE>>
  • Geographic Analysis & Insights—View city or county level insights on consumers and understand what portion of your target audience lives within specific regions. READ MORE>>
  • Segmentation Creation & Persona Replication—Create a segmentation strategy based on current and prospective customers or use existing persona investments for insights, measurement and engagement. READ MORE>>
  • Moment of Truth Audiences—Leverage data science to identify “intender” audiences that appear to be raising their hand based on their behaviors. READ MORE>>
45% of marketers agree that lacking the right tools to measure is a barrier to achieving their marketing priorities


  • Case Study: Learn how a global ad agency helped a large financial services provider with the Resonate Platform
    A top 10 global ad agency had become frustrated by the quality of third-party data and insights provided by DMPs and wanted a solution that would save them time on research, provide higher quality insights and increase media activation performance. Learn how this agency was able to use the Resonate Platform for better strategic direction for clients’ campaigns and what happened when they brought 30 accounts onto the platform in 90 days.

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