Professional services

Creating a custom view of our data for you

Resonate’s team of experts has additional ways to turn insights into wisdom—beyond what’s available in the Resonate Ignite Platform. Our professional services team has expertise in segmentation, analyzing data and helping you use data strategically to answer your most difficult consumer questions.

How to Get the Most Value From Your Insights

Our services & capabilities

Segmentation and persona development

We can replicate or enhance your existing segments with Resonate attributes or create entirely new ones to leverage for insights and activation through the analysis of your first-party data and/or third-party data.

Landscape analysis

We can conduct analyses of your target market, competitors or customers to uncover new strategic opportunities and identify strengths and potential threats.

Custom consulting

Everything from custom audience creation based on custom geos, MAIDs, or location-based insights to advanced data science-led segmentation and CRM scoring, our team can do it.

Insight resources

Guide to AI-Based Segmentation

Learn the different types of segmentation and how to get real, measurable results.


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