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Resonate’s team of experts has additional ways to turn insights into wisdom—beyond what’s available in the Resonate Platform.

  • Mobile Audience Insights—Develop a deeper understanding of your mobile audiences for improved segmentation, analysis and activation. READ MORE>>
  • Location-Based Audiences—Understand who’s visiting your physical locations, as well as your competitor’s sites. READ MORE>>
  • Geographic Analysis & Insights—View city or county level insights on consumers and understand what portion of your target audience lives within specific regions. READ MORE>>
  • Segmentation Creation & Persona Replication—Create a segmentation strategy based on current and prospective customers or use existing persona investments for insights, measurement and engagement. READ MORE>>
  • Moment of Truth Audiences—Leverage data science to identify “intender” audiences that appear to be raising their hand based on their behaviors. READ MORE>>
45% of marketers agree that lacking the right tools to measure is a barrier to achieving their marketing priorities


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