Location Audiences

Do You Know Where Your Customers Are Visiting?

Understand who is visiting your specific, physical locations, or your competitor’s locations.

Create audiences of consumers visiting specific locations, or groups of locations, such as stores, banks, restaurants, etc. Analyze your location based audiences in the Resonate platform to discover who is visiting your locations, and what makes those audiences different – location by location.

Location Based Audiences
allows you to:

Understand audiences visiting your best and worst performing locations.

Gain insights into audiences visiting your competitor’s locations.

Compare your audience profiles by time of day or day of week.

Develop a deep understanding of your location based audiences by leveraging Resonate’s 9K insights on values and motivations, psychological drivers, purchase intent, and more.

Understand how and where your location based audiences consume media so you can create more relevant and meaningful mobile campaigns – reaching your target audiences more efficiently.

Target your location audiences via Retargeting or Look-alike Modeling directly from the Resonate platform.

Why Use Location Based Audiences?


Analyze your location based audiences using over 9,000 insights, including psychological drivers and motivators, hobbies and product preferences attributes.


Your data will be ready for segmentation and analysis in the Resonate platform within 10 business days.


Once your location based audiences are available in the Resonate platform, target them via Retargeting or Look-alike Modeling.


Leverage hundreds of thousands of in-depth interviews, enriched with media behaviors, modeled out to the online population.

How Do Location Based Audiences Work?

Determine Locations

You provide us with specific physical locations and timeframes for the analysis.

Identify Resonate IDs

We identify the Resonate IDs that were in the locations during the desired timeframes.

Publish Audience

We publish the audiences into your Resonate account.

View Insights + Activate

Use over 9,000 attributes to analyze your audiences, then activate against them.

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