POP QUIZ: What does the following map represent?

A. The relative population sizes of the lower 48 states
B. Resonate’s research database of the lower 48 states by sample size
C. Some pretty shades of green on a map
D. All of the above


As you’ve probably guessed, the correct answer is D. All of the above.

Yes, the shades of green are pretty, but let’s focus discussion on the first two answers. With the amount of surveys that Resonate runs every month — around 20,000 — we have enough sample to mimic a representative population of the entire U.S. by state. Even better, we make this data available for our clients to conduct more detailed and deeper research and targeting within the national population — at the regional, state, DMA, and congressional district level.

With our latest data release, Resonate is proud to announce that we now have voting information on almost a quarter million U.S. residents. This information far surpasses the data that is traditionally available in voter files. It delves deep into the underlying reasons why people make the voting decisions that they do. We focus on the “why” rather than just the outcome. That “why” is the motivator that gets results.

We’re ready for the 2014 Midterm Elections! Are you?