By Lauren Kreisberg, Director of Research Applications

Our latest survey release includes information about travel, specifically hotel and airline services and providers. Noting some interesting dynamics in the current travel market, we wondered how to make this data most applicable. We ultimately honed in on how travelers, depending on their origin and destination, have limited choices, if any, when it comes to airline carriers, hotel chains, and overall available amenities. This begs the question whether or not people really exercise their purchase drivers in the first place when they travel?

We came to the conclusion that purchase motivations are indeed key players when making travel choices. There is always a decision to be made. If a traveler chooses between only two hotels, they are still exercising their purchase drivers to help them decide. If both hotels appear “equal” but one has free Wi-Fi, than that simple difference may be the deciding factor for a traveler who values family and wants to connect with them online. Same goes for a heavy packer who might reconsider which airline is most amenable, and affordable, to his or her needs.  In the end, consumers are driven by their core motivations.

Most consumers make many decisions every time they travel, even if options are not ideal. They may not choose between the 10 largest airlines or hotels, but when making a choice between two or three, people act based on what they value. The more a travel provider knows about those purchase motivators and values, the more likely they are to win that business. Here’s a sneak peak at what travelers say really motivates them:

travel blog image