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Spotlight: Pennsylvania

Here are some exclusive, valuable insights from Resonate that shed important light on what really moves voters in the Keystone State.

Pennsylvania Fact #1: Voters care about environment, government spending, taxes, and entitlements platforms.
Pennsylvania voters are more likely than the average U.S. voter to be concerned with environmental policy (7%), government spending (5%), tax policy (4%) and entitlement policy (3%) when selecting a candidate to support.

Pennsylvania Fact #2: Most voters are supportive or persuadable of decriminalizing recreational marijuana use.
36% of Pennsylvania voters support the legalization of marijuana for general recreational use, while just 23% oppose it. The remaining 41% consider themselves persuadable.

Pennsylvania Fact #3: Voters rely on gut and media sources to select a candidate
34% of Pennsylvania voters are more likely to rely on their gut when determining their preferred candidate. They also are influenced by newspapers (28% of the population) and broadcast news (26% of the population). These voters are 7% less likely to allow their friends and family to play a role in their decision.

Pennsylvania Fact #4: Terrorist and nuclear threats are the greatest concern to voters.
While Pennsylvania voters are 19% less likely than the average U.S. voter to view environmental threats such as climate change as a security concern to the U.S., a large percentage of people view terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al Qaeda (14%) and nuclear threats from countries such as Iran and North Korea (11%) as large concerns.

Pro Tip: When developing state-level message and targeting strategy, be mindful of geo differences, down to the Congressional district level.

For example, while the statewide population of Pennsylvania is more likely to consider rogue countries such as Iran and North Korea as a top concern, certain congressional districts such as PA-4, PA-5, PA-11, PA-12, PA-13 do not consider these rogue states to be of particular concern.

Resonate data like the examples above can be quickly activated for digital media targeting and informing both online and offline creative strategy. Targeting voters based on values and the issues they care most passionately drive the most efficient and impactful mobilization.

All data is based on Resonate’s survey of 7,763 Pennsylvania Voters, April 2016