Swing states. Indies. Persuadables. Undecideds. They’re at the epicenter of your campaign strategy. But only Resonate’s proprietary survey research, in-depth insights and ability to immediately target these audiences with precision and scale can provide a clear roadmap to victory.

Spotlight: Virginia

Here are some exclusive, valuable insights from Resonate that shed important light on what triggers voters in the Old Dominion State.

Virginia Swing Fact #1: Voters engage in defense/military and foreign policy issues

Virginia voters are 21% more likely than the average U.S. voter to care about where a candidate stands on defense/military and foreign policy issues.

Virginia Swing Fact #2: China is scarier than climate

Virginia voters are 96% more likely than the average U.S. voter to believe that China is the biggest threat to the United States and 16% less likely to be concerned with environmental threats, such as climate change.

Virginia Swing Fact #3: Media moves the needle

Virginia voters are 11% more likely than the average U.S. voter to be influenced by print or online news sources when deciding what candidates to support and 5% more likely to be influenced by social media. Virginia voters are 12% less likely than the average U.S. voter to be politically influenced by their friends or family.

Virginia Swing Fact #4: Culture war issues matter

Virginia voters are 15% more likely to care about gun rights and 13% more likely to factor in a candidate’s stance on abortion than the average U.S. voter when filling out their ballot.

Pro Tip: When developing state-level message and targeting strategy, be mindful of geo differences, down to the Congressional district level.

For example, VA-07, Eric Cantor’s old seat that is currently held by Republican David Bratt, is the only Congressional district in the entire state that has low support for raising the minimum wage. In contrast, if you travel west to VA-05 you will find moderate support for raising the minimum wage and in VA-06 you will find voters with somewhat high support.

Resonate data like the examples above can be quickly activated for digital media targeting and informing both online and offline creative strategy. Targeting voters based on values and the issues they care most passionately drive the most efficient and impactful mobilization.

All data is based on Resonate’s survey of 4,359 Virginia Voters, April 2016