Swing states. Indies. Persuadables. Undecideds. They’re at the epicenter of your campaign strategy. Here are some exclusive, valuable insights from Resonate that shed important light on what really moves voters in the Sunshine Swing State.

Spotlight: Florida 

Florida Fact #1: Voters worry about access to prescriptions and guns.
Florida voters are 7% more likely than the average U.S. voter to be concerned with pharmaceutical safety, gun control and traditional energy.

Florida Fact #2: Most are supportive of decriminalizing recreational use.
43% of Florida voters support the legalization of marijuana for general recreational use, while just 30% oppose it. The remaining 27% consider themselves persuadable. 

Florida Fact #3: Voters are most concerned about foreign and environmental threats to the U.S. 
Florida voters consider rogue nuclear states, environmental issues and terrorists groups to be the biggest threats to the United States. They are less likely to be fearful of domestic threats, such as crime and the economy.

Florida Fact #4: Voters are persuadable on 2nd Amendment rights.
While Florida voters are 10% less likely than the average U.S. voter to support the positions of the NRA, a large percentage of Sunshine Staters consider themselves persuadable on the topic of 2nd Amendment rights.

Florida Fact #5: Voters are influenced by cable news and political events.
Compared to the average American voter, Floridians are 16% more likely to cite cable news/programming as their top source of information that influences candidate choiceand 14% more likely to be influenced by attending rallies and hearing speeches.

Pro Tip: When developing state-level message and targeting strategies, be mindful of geo differences, down to the congressional level. For example, while the statewide population of Florida under-indexes for support of NRA/protection of 2nd Amendment rights, there is significant variance between congressional districts. In fact, Congressional district FL-11 shows strong support for the NRA platform (shown in the heat map above). 

Resonate data like the examples above can be quickly activated for digital media targeting and informing both online and offline creative strategy. Targeting voters based on values and the issues they care most passionately drive the most efficient and impactful mobilization.

Source: All data is based on Resonate’s survey of 11,388 Florida Voters, April 2016