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Whose Supporters Like Cheap Flights, ‘The Daily Show’ And Fracking?
October 19, 2015

This column by Scott Detrow originally appeared in It’s All About Politics – NPR People who want Sen. Bernie Sanders to be the…

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[Infographic] Colorado Voters Care About Government Spending
October 15, 2014

With a few short weeks left, Colorado remains a toss-up for Senate, and is key in the battle for control of…

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[Infographic] Insights into Illinois Voters
October 8, 2014

Illinois constituents are just weeks away from voting for candidates — ranging from Governor to State House seats — and ballot…

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[Infographic] Wisconsin Swing Voters Hone In On Fiscal Policies
September 17, 2014

Wisconsin’s Governor’s race is of particular interest this year as Scott Walker, the state’s current Governor who previously assumed office after…

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[Infographic] Understanding Florida Voters
September 10, 2014

This November, Floridians will cast their ballots for various offices from governor to local representative. Resonate took a deeper look at…

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Arizona Voters Split on Top Voting Issues, According to Resonate
September 4, 2014

Republican and Swing Voters Rank Government Spending Highest, While Democratic Voters Prioritize Healthcare September 04, 2014 08:27 AM Eastern Daylight Time…

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[Infographic] The Division Among Arizona’s Voters
September 3, 2014

With the governor’s race heating up in Arizona, Resonate took a deeper look at the voters in the 15th most populous…

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[Infographic] Job Creation: A Top Voting Issue in Michigan
August 27, 2014

Following last week’s analysis of Ohio voters, we took a look at neighboring state Michigan. While many of the top issues are…

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