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Infographic: Differences in Millennial Restaurant Preferences
April 6, 2017

Millennials continue to be the hottest group for marketers and agencies to go after. But unless you understand what they value…

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Infographic: Millennial Retail Preference Differences
March 21, 2017

We all know that Millennials love to shop and they are estimated to spend $200 billion this year, alone. But you’d…

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Infographic: Millennial Product Preference Differences
March 17, 2017

We know the purchasing power of Millennials right? But, can you identify the differences between what a 34 year old male versus…

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Infographic: Surprising Millennial Media Consumption Habits
March 14, 2017

You’ve heard it all before: Millennials consume all media on their mobile devices, they’re too self-involved to watch the news and…

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[Infographic] Understanding the High Value Millennial Holiday Shopper
November 4, 2014

On the brink of the fiercely competitive holiday season, retailers face the challenge of developing marketing that breaks through and really…

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[Infographic] Colorado Voters Care About Government Spending
October 15, 2014

With a few short weeks left, Colorado remains a toss-up for Senate, and is key in the battle for control of…

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[Infographic] Insights into Illinois Voters
October 8, 2014

Illinois constituents are just weeks away from voting for candidates — ranging from Governor to State House seats — and ballot…

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[Infographic] Georgia Voters Split on Top Voting Issues
October 1, 2014

In a few weeks, Georgia’s constituents will vote on everything from Governor to State House seats. Resonate took a deeper look at…

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[Infographic] 3 Things the Travel Industry Needs to Know about Their Business Clientele
September 30, 2014

Traveling for work is a large part of many people’s jobs. And the experience alone can range from completely enjoyable to…

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[Infographic] Healthcare is the Key Issue for North Carolina Voters
September 25, 2014

North Carolina is a key battleground state as the fight for control of the Senate heats up. Resonate took a deeper…

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