Brands can achieve higher completion rates by understanding the motivations that drive its viewers.

By Troy Dreier, StreamingMedia

November 18, 2013 – Demographic targeting is nothing new for online video, but now brands can match buyer values and motivations, as well. Marketing research company Resonate and online video media buying platform TubeMogul and joining together to offer ad targeting that goes beyond who viewers are and targets them by what they believe.

The solution marries Resonate’s audience insights with TubeMogul’s rich data. The combined offering gives Resonate’s customers the ability to deliver videos to an audience that’s highly receptive to their message. Early testing of the combined solution showed video ads achieving impressive completion rates: 15-second pre-rolls earned completion rates of 90 percent. That compares with a 77 percent benchmark for campaigns where motivation-based targeting wasn’t used. Resonate also found that 30-seocnd pre-rolls got 76 percent completion rates, compared to 71 percent in benchmarks that didn’t use targeting.

Resonate notes that its motivation understanding comes from terabytes of behavioral data and extensive research.

“For the first time ever, the messaging and positioning in video creative can be used as a fully scalable targeting option,” says Bryan Gernert, Resonate’s CEO. “Adding the ability to deliver that video based on what people believe in not only results in greater engagement, but also a true understanding of the motivation behind that engagement.”