When was the last time you volunteered to support a charity, a cause, or an activity in your community? Only 21% of U.S. adults reported volunteering in the last 12 months, and they have a distinct set of values driving their service. They are 68% more likely to be motivated by societal responsibility and 24% more likely to identify patriotism as important to them.

While 13 million Americans also strongly value societal responsibility, they do not currently volunteer. Activating even a small percentage of their skills and time could make a huge impact on organizations and non-profits in need of aid and on the people who these charities are helping.

From soup kitchens and highway clean-ups to phone banks and volunteering professional skills, there is something for everyone. For example, City Harvest collects unused food from restaurants and grocers and delivers it to the poor and the hungry. Unfortunately, they lack educators and healthcare workers — who are 21% more likely to volunteer — to teach proper nutrition and basic cooking skills to the people receiving the food.

Volunteer stats

Another example, The Taproot Foundation, pairs skilled professionals, of which less than a fourth volunteer, with charitable groups in need of creative, technological, and strategic help such as new websites, databases, and annual reports. This provides an innovative outlet for people who are ordinarily more motivated by their own sense of accomplishment and financial stability to share their expertise where is it most needed and valued.