Using Resonate, campaigns can now combine motivations with the National Voter File, targeting on “why” people vote on specific issues

Washington, DC, June 17, 2014 – Resonate, the only company that empowers political campaigns and issue advocacy organizations to act on why people make decisions, brings the power of motivations to the voter file. Despite the long-held belief that voter files are the foundation of a campaign’s communications strategy, their efficacy has recently been called into question as big data exposed inaccuracies and gaps in the data available on the file.

During Navigating Voter Data, a panel discussion at The Art of Political Campaigning conference on Monday, participants including Bryan Gernert, Resonate CEO, agreed additional data is needed to add relevancy to the voter file.  Resonate’s recently on-boarded national voter file provides that context.

“There’s confusion around the data that’s on the voter file.  In fact, the only information consistently required across all 50 states and DC is name and address. Barely half of the states ask for party affiliation and only seven ask for race/ethnicity,” said Gernert. “And nowhere does the voter file say who someone voted for or why. Resonate adds the issue positions and motivations that compel people to act. We then help the campaigns deliver their message directly to voters with display, social, mobile and video ads.”

Because the voter file is already on-boarded, campaigns can reach these audiences within one day. Resonate pioneered the use of motivations-based targeting in politics and leverages its proprietary dataset of 200,000+ in-depth surveys to uncover these rich voter insights. This allows campaigns to expand their reach to voters who are likely to hold similar views.

About Resonate:

Resonate is the only company to empower brand, political and cause marketers to identify and engage with audiences based on the reasons behind people’s actions. Combining the latest big data technologies with proven research and analytic techniques, Resonate powers motivation-based analytics and targeting across all digital media channels. The ability to deliver advertising based on an individual’s social and personal values and product purchase preferences, goes beyond simple demographics to achieve greater engagement, campaign results and customer insight. For more information visit

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