Anytime you’re breaking new ground, it is hard to figure out exactly how to tell your story. You are creating something new and innovative, but how do you make it relevant and inspire the trust needed for those first customers to take a risk?  You’re asking people to adopt a new technology, or behave differently, to take advantage of innovation. You are asking them to risk time, money and sometimes their careers.

When I saw a piece that explained why Resonate’s Values Targeting works, without even mentioning our name, it was energizing.  In a recent article by Derrick Day at could have been reading from our mission statement: “Wherever we go in business and in life, we bring our own values along as well. When others share our values, this becomes a powerful and attractive force to bind us closer together. Shared values form the very basis for every relationship.”

The ability for marketers to connect their brands to consumers based on shared values becomes the natural next step. The importance of values has been understood by brand marketers for decades, brands simply haven’t been able to make that connection directly. The result has been the historical reliance on demographics, like the coveted ’18-49 year olds’ bucket. We’re here to make sure brands can continually connect to consumers on the characteristics that matter, building meaningful lasting relationships.

Building anything new is hard work.  No doubt that’s true of helping clients to understand the importance of Values in reaching their online audiences. This is partially a reflection of the historical absence of brand advertisers spending their budgets online, and partially a reflection of ingrained behaviors.

But it will get easier. We are not alone. Values Targeting connects brands to their customer with a “powerful and attractive force”, that will grow relationships, understanding and …….ROI.