By Kelly Osterhout, Client Strategy & Insight Manager

Recently, a pharmaceutical company approached Resonate to identify personal incentives applicable to its audiences in four different markets. We initially expected prescription medication users to be more compliant but soon uncovered that only two of the four markets over-indexed for adhering to their treatment. And one of the markets was even less likely to refill their prescriptions due to cost. Drilling into the data further, we learned that two of the markets were motivated by financial security while the others were motivated by belonging – feeling connected to friends, family, or others.

By pinpointing what matters most to these pharmaceutical audiences – making important life decisions based on knowing your well-being is secure or based on being part of group and mattering to others – we can conceive its impact on prescription compliance. Translating these insights into meaningful business decisions strategically influences creative development, communication planning, and media targeting for pharmaceutical campaigns. It also improves patient constancy, promotes repeat purchases, and builds brand strength. This campaign modelling has since expanded nationally and, currently, 30 different points-of-interaction with the audience are pixeled.

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Clients may come to us uncertain as to how data can actually solve their business challenges. But when they see how the market responds to well-crafted messaging based on values-driven consumer data, research, and media targeting tailored to their product/service, they’re amazed. And their campaign’s strategic goals are now bridged to both their short and long term results.