In anticipation of International Talk Like a Pirate Day, Resonate conducted a special wave of research (“13rrrrr”) to identify the values of these kings of the sea, to make our impressions (of them) even more impactful…

Our insights:

  • 324% more likely to value Self Preservation, obviously
  • 266% more likely to value Personal Freedom
  • 78% more focused on Goal Accomplishment. Who knew?
  • 36% more associated with Sense of Belonging.

In terms of Product Preferences (“Treasure” being the category, of course) we found a clear emphasis on treasure which is Fun/Exciting, Popular, and High Quality. Sadly, pirates have yet to embrace Produced Sustainably and Energy Efficient in their booty. Maybe next year.

Next up: With Halloween coming up, we’ll interview 10,000 zombies and answer age-old questions: What do the undead value? Closeness to family? Sharing experiences? What about self-image?