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  • 14,000+ privacy-safe, proprietary, values-driven insights on 230 million individual consumers, powered by AI and updated nightly.
  • Quickly create and analyze hyper-relevant, targeted microsegments to enhance your segmentation strategy.
  • Connect directly to your marketing ecosystem and immediately activate across programmatic, social, CTV, web personalization, email and more.
  • Onboard your clients’ first-party data to enrich your understanding of their customers.

GWI can’t say all of that.

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Real-Time Data Scaled to Fuel Consumer Insights

U.S. Consumer Study

The Resonate U.S. Consumer Study is the largest ongoing survey of the U.S. consumer. Our survey is comprised of 100,000+ respondents annually and we update our research waves 18x a year while GWI only updates theirs 4x a year. With Resonate you always have real time data at an individual level and scaled to more than 230 million Connected Profiles.
360-Degree View

Connected Profiles

Connected Profiles include 14,000+ consumer attributes on more than 230 million unique profiles tied to over 600+ million devices. The Resonate identity graph connects first-party web, mobile and offline data to Connected Profiles, which can be leveraged anywhere in a marketer’s ecosystem.

Resonate Elements

Our core consumer intelligence data set, derived from the U.S. Consumer Study, features 14,000+ deep insights and reveals the Human Element that drives your customers and prospects.

Contextual Research

Our platform allows you to obtain consumer insights and activate audiences based on consumers' recent online behavior. We can build unlimited audiences with 500+ standard IAB behavioral attributes and the ability to look at almost any contextual engagement based on content consumed daily.

Curated Reports

We offer curated reports optimized for impactful data storytelling. These easy-to-understand reports provide quick answers, rich insights and are easily shareable and exportable across your team. GWI's custom research is not integrated with their syndicated data.

First-Party Data Onboarding

With Resonate you can onboard any first party data set directly into our platform for insights and activation. This enables agencies to add new revenue streams by taking clients' first party data and enriching it with the latest consumer sentiment, intent and behaviors. GWI can't say that.

Accelerate Insights Into Activation

Resonate Ignite fully integrates into your marketing ecosystem for direct cross-channel activation at the individual level. GWI can't say that.

Resonate Ignite Was Designed to Help Agencies & Brands Grow

We designed the Resonate Ignite Platform for marketers who need to think like data scientists. Full stop. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to build segments, explore what makes them tick and immediately launch your insights into action. Resonate puts the most powerful, relevant data set into an easy to use platform, so you can power data into action.

Increase your win rate

Become an expert in any industry instantly to create perfect pitches every time.

Retain & expand existing clients

Blow them away with insights on any audience. Build on their first-party data & discover new opportunities.

Increase efficiency

Share data across teams, improving strategy, creative, messaging and analytics.

Resonate delivers impactful results for savvy agencies​

50% Decrease in pitch development time
57% Decrease in CPA
57% Exceeded acquisition goal by

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