Submit a CCPA Consumer Request

This page and associated form are made available to residents of the United States (US) so they may exercise their rights under the applicable US states privacy laws (“Applicable US States Privacy Laws”) and relates to the handling of “Personal Information,” as that term is defined in Applicable US States Privacy Laws. 


Residents of US states with Applicable US States Privacy Laws have certain rights with respect to the personal information collected by businesses. If you are a resident of these states, you may exercise the following rights regarding your personal information, subject to certain exceptions and limitations defined in the regulations: 

Access to Information: The right to know the categories and specific pieces of personal information we collect, use, disclose, and sell about you, the categories of sources from which we collected your personal information, our purposes for collecting or selling your personal information, the categories of your personal information that we have either sold or disclosed for a business purpose, and the categories of third parties with which we have shared personal information. 

Opt-out of sales/shares, targeted advertising, or profiling: You can opt out of the processing of your personal data for purposes of (i) the sale/share of personal data, (ii) targeted advertising, or (iii) profiling in furtherance of decisions that produce legal or similarly significant effects concerning you. Please note that if you opt out of certain types of sales/shares/targeted advertising or profiling we will be unable to provide you with the services that rely on such sales/shares targeted advertising or profiling. 

Deletion of My Data: The right to request that we delete the personal information we have collected from you or maintain about you. 

Limit the Use of My Sensitive Personal Information: The right to request that we limit the personal information we have collected from you or maintain about you. 

Correct My Data: The right to request that we correct inaccurate personal information that we maintain about you. 

Port My Data: The right to request we provide you with a copy of personal information that you have previously provided to us in a portable and, to the extent technically feasible, readily usable format. 

To exercise any of your rights detailed above, please fill out the form below to begin this process.