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Resonate delivers rich, relevant, recent data that makes marketing better

  • 14,000+ privacy-safe, proprietary, values-driven insights on 230 million individual consumers, powered by AI and updated nightly.
  • Quickly create and analyze hyper-relevant, targeted microsegments to enhance your segmentation strategy.
  • Connect directly to your marketing ecosystem and immediately activate across programmatic, social, CTV, web personalization, email and more.

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Accelerate revenue and increase wins

Gain a better audience understanding

With Resonate’s AI-driven consumer intelligence, you’ll know more about your advertiser’s target audience than they do, giving you an edge over the other guys every single time. Using robust, relevant, privacy-safe data, Resonate helps media publishers and networks win every pitch, boost retention, and skyrocket ad revenue through deeper audience understanding.

Increase and optimize ad revenue

Use better data to build better pitches and win more business.

Wow advertisers with granular audience targeting

Empower advertisers with targeted audience intelligence that reaches the right audience on the right channel at the right time.

Know where, when, and how they consume media

Retain and expand current advertisers through data-driven post-sales review on their audiences.

Resonate boosts ROAS for advertisers and revenue for you

80% Advertiser renewal rate
50% Reduce third-party data costs by more than
72% Penetration of Resonate insights to existing advertisers

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