• Real-Time Consumer Intelligence and Insights

    When you intimately know what makes your audience unique in the here and now, effective marketing begins.
    Resonate provides you the deepest, proprietary consumer data and insights — at the individual level… at massive scale… across all channels… at the speed of now.
    Combined with the right technology and software, we give you a better way to discover, understand and engage just the right people for remarkable marketing performance, every time.

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One SaaS Platform. Limitless Capabilities.

Resonate connects our proprietary consumer data with powerful analytical, targeting, activation and measurement tools so you can take the right strategic marketing actions to improve campaign accuracy with unparalleled speed and ease. Less waste. Better return.

While others put their fate in the hands of DMPs with questionable data quality and difficult interfaces, you don’t have to. Resonate has built what a DMP should be for savvy marketers who need more strategic and precise insights and outcomes.


Know Your Audience… Deeply.

We’re talking beyond the who, what, when, where, but also the WHY behind what drives consumer decisions to engage with or support certain brands, products and causes.

Only Resonate combines continuous, proprietary market research with real-time, contextual online behavior analysis, A.I. and predictive modeling to give you insights into what matters most to the people who matter most to you.

Understand your audience… know what moves them… connect in a more relevant way… and win more business. Stand apart with the deepest audience intelligence.

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We’re Here to Help. Endless Possibilities.

If you need additional help or prefer a custom approach, here are just a few of the ways our analysts and media experts can help you take full advantage of our data and insights.

Custom Intelligence

Discover a deeper understanding of your audience.

Persona Development

Customer Journey

Website Affinity

Custom Research

Geographic Analysis

Competitive Analysis

Explore Intelligence

Audience Activation

Find them across platforms and devices – at scale.

Advertising – Programmatic, Social, Offline

Custom Audience Delivery

Data Management Platform (DMP)

Email Marketing (ESP)

Explore Activation


Case Study

More Customers, Improved Messaging and New Channels

CreditLoan® needed to better connect with their audience, and differentiate the CreditLoan® and MoneyMutual® brands, but they had no research and limited time to understand their customers and prospects. They also wanted to utilize new channels to effectively target their segments with the right message at a low cost CPA.

Resonate tagged both websites to gain deep insights on the values and motivations driving each audience’s decisions. This new intelligence informed new messaging and creative for both brands, and Resonate recommendations for new activation techniques. Incredible results!

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