Power Up & Personalize Your Marketing with Direct Data Onboarding

Unlock the hidden potential of your first-party data with richer, faster insights into your customers and prospects with Resonate’s direct data onboarding solution. Uncover what matters most to your high-value audiences, create meaningful messaging and experiences for your target audiences at scale, and activate those audiences with a single click.

  • 2x the processing speed vs other leading vendors
  • ~20x faster time to understanding, answers, decisions & action
  • 55% higher click through rate
  • 15% higher conversions

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Drive Growth at Every Stage of the Customer Lifecycle



Learn about your prospects and create awareness campaigns based on what matters to those prospects. Enable efficient and scalable targeting to those prospects based on look-alike audiences with consistent, personalized messaging throughout the marketing funnel.
DMP Insights


Understand the changing dynamics of your customers and change with them to reduce churn. Learn what matters to your customers and how that changes over time to ensure you meet their ongoing needs and preferences and maximize their lifetime value.


Gain an additional understanding of your customers by segmenting them based on their different interests, and identify opportunities to target and upsell them on supplementary products and services.
Real-Time Reporting

Continuous Onboarding

Continuously report, monitor, and optimize your strategic segments. Refer to current and historical views to understand if you successfully reached your target audience and how they changed over time.

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