Resonate Can Help You Reach the Voters You Need to Win the 2022 Midterms

Our dedicated Politics & Advocacy team will help you plan, measure, and execute your campaigns.
Within an hour, we can:

  1. Identify & Segment Key Voter Audiences
  2. Increase Your Campaign’s Relevancy with Issue Targeting
  3. Activate Your Audience Across ALL Digital Channels

Let us help with your next campaign.

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How It Works

Provide Resonate with your campaign details: audience description or brand brief, budget, flight dates, targeting parameters, and inventory type.
Resonate’s team of media experts will put together a detailed media plan that will deliver the best performance for your campaign and KPI.
After campaign launch, your Client Partner will provide you with regular updates on optimizations, performance, and audience insights.

Build A Custom Voter Targeting Strategy

Identify and segment key 2022 voter intent audiences

Better voter identification and segmentation provide more opportunities for personalized messaging that resonates with diverse voter segments.

Intent Based Audience - Voting Blue

Audience who will vote in the midterm elections to elect candidates who will support Biden’s agenda or to elect more democrats to improve their representation.

Persuadable Audience

Persuadable voters who will elect politicians that align with their political ideology and will voice concerns regarding local issues. They’ll be at the polls in the 2022 midterms because it’s their civic duty.

Intent Based Audience - Voting Red

Audience who will be at the polls in the midterm elections to vote for candidates who resist Biden’s agenda or to elect more Republicans to gain control of Congress.

Increase Campaign Relevancy

Relevant messaging that appeals directly to the values and the issues most important to winnable voters is the most effective way to motivate them to get out the vote.

Pro-Choice/Pro-Life Issues
Gun Control/2nd Amendment
Critical Race Theory
Climate Change/Traditional Energy
Prescription Drug Costs
Gender/Race Equality
Afghanistan Removal
Election Security/Fraud
COVID Response/Mask Mandates

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