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Resonate HI-RES:

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Resonate HI-RES: The only platform that combines traditional first-party research, analysis of more than 1 billion web events each day and advanced data science to help you connect with your audience based on the motivations, values and behaviors that drive their decisions.

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Demos and behaviors are important. But people have feelings too.

Leading organizations are going far beyond behavioral and demographic targeting to understand their audience at a much deeper level: What are the underlying motivations, values and beliefs that drive their decisions to engage with or support certain brands, political campaigns or causes?

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Finally…together on one platform.

HI-RES Intelligence

We help you discover a fuller, deeper understanding of your audience.

HI-RES Activation

We help you find them online across platforms and devices–at scale.

Case Study

Spreading the message on refreshed nutritional guidelines.

A leading soft drink brand needed to spread the message about their refreshed nutritional guidelines. Resonate activated a core group of influentials with a campaign that boosted marketplace awareness and support for the new standards.

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