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We live in a complex, what-comes-next world. Your ability to predict and capitalize on changing consumer behavior, intent and preferences is the difference between growth and decline, winning and losing. We want to see you win. That’s why we’ve built the freshest, most predictive, privacy-safe, continuously updated consumer data set. Period. rAI, our cutting-edge AI, reveals everything you need to know, about any audience, so you crush your goals. Real data, real results, marketing that Resonates.

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Why AI matters when it comes to your first-party data

Your first party data only tells you so much. Enrichment is a necessity for better acquisition, upsell and retention. The highly predictive Resonate Elements data tells you what a customer is about to do. When, where and even why they’ll do it. That means more effective targeting, offers, messaging and yep, better performance. So why are you settling for basic data from old-tech legacy providers that tell you what’s already happened? You need Resonate AI-powered data.

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14,000+ attributes, 230 million profiles, 2 billion devices, powered by rAI

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Guide to First Party Data Enrichment

Increase revenue and engagement through an unparalleled understanding of your own 1P data.

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Emerging Trends Report 2023

Start out 2023 by keeping a pulse on what consumers have at the top of their lists – or not – for the New Year.

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Marketer's Guide to Personal Values

As a marketer, how can you proactively align with consumer values and adopt them authentically in your messaging? The answer is in the data.

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Unparalleled data. In your platform or the user-friendly Resonate Ignite platform.

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