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Increase revenue and engagement through an unparalleled understanding of your own 1P data.

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Emerging Trends Report 2023

Start out 2023 by keeping a pulse on what consumers have at the top of their lists – or not – for the New Year.

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Marketer's Guide to Personal Values

As a marketer, how can you proactively align with consumer values and adopt them authentically in your messaging? The answer is in the data.

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Bank Switchers with an Eye on Digital Banking 5 Insights on Bank Switchers with an Eye on Digital Banking

21% of Americans use online-only banking and less than half of the 140 million who use a traditional bank primarily use its services in person. With digital banking on the...

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Top 5: What our Readers Found Most Interesting in 2022

Back in the ’70s, according to a popular song, money made the world go around. Obviously, money is still essential, but you won’t be growing your coffers without data to...

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