Display Advertising

Reach your audience at every step of their online journey.

We reach 99% of all Internet users on both desktop and mobile platforms with premium quality display inventory. We are a full service media provider that works with the highest quality inventory sources in the programmatic media space.

Display advertising allows you to:

  • Generate awareness and consideration of your brand, political group or cause by showing the benefits of your product, service or group to the right audience at the right time
  • Increase awareness, online sign-ups, and conversions for your brand, political group or cause by promoting information and incentives that are crucial to driving engagement

What are my display advertising options?

Premium Inventory

Access premium inventory across all platforms including desktop, tablet and smartphone.

Brand Safe

Access brand safe and highly viewable media through our industry leading reach partnerships.

Multiple Media Types

Deliver static, animated, Flash, HTML5 and rich media creative to the right user at the right time.

Target Anywhere

Target your audiences wherever and whenever they consume digital content.

Use motivations targeting to reach your audience through display.

Reach 99% of all internet users with cross-platform premium quality display inventory. Personalize delivery based on motivations, Resonate’s core targeting capability, and deliver across quality inventory sourced directly from top premium publishers and through RTB.

How does display advertising work?

Step 1

Our account executives work with you to identify your goals and key business outcomes that can be achieved using brand safe display advertising targeted to your audiences.

Step 2

We construct your audiences in our platform using the most relevant segments from our industry leading warehouse of 7,000+ key attributes.

Step 3

Our Client Services team continually optimizes to your KPIs by leveraging our proprietary data and intelligence to define new, highly scalable target audiences from your campaign.

Step 4

We can also create rich Custom Audiences you can use to target more effectively in your Demand Side Platform (DSP).

Have Questions?

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