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Hi! I’m rAI. You ask, I answer.

rAI is the heart of Resonate – our proprietary neural network that powers the creation of our Resonate Elements data set with speed, precision & scale. rAI leverages proprietary Resonate consumer data, directly observed behavioral data & offline data to predict and continuously update comprehensive consumer profiles.

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rAI makes any data, at scale possible

rAI How it works

Real-time data infrastructure

Designed to process vast amounts of rich, diverse raw data inputs to yield the freshest, most comprehensive view of the US Consumer.

AI neural network

Cutting-edge, highly precise predictive models, fine-tuned to dynamically generate scaled consumer data.

360-Degree View

Resonate identity graph

Multi-sourced identity graph aligns Resonate data to consumers & their related devices unlocking unparalleled omnichannel activation.

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AI-powered data provides a powerful understanding of your customers that improves marketing performance throughout the lifecycle. Connect with us to learn more.

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